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A top 3 feature of what I’m currently reading, pinning, watching, liking, or listening to (the verb list could continue)! 

oneflashcards*I was an independent consultant for Usborne.* These neat little flashcards are unlike any I have seen for ESL students. I cannot wait to use them in September. {blushing} English Flashcards


Pinterest-aholic 🙂 Check out my board while you are there. I pin a lot and read later, so be warned! 15 Strategies Infographic

threeIn starting a new position, I want to make sure I rock it! So I am making sure all my knowledge is multi-faceted and current. STEM is a buzz word lately, too, so why not STEM and ESL? While this article wasn’t quite what I thought it would be, it did pose thought provoking information.  STEM doesn’t always involve building things out of recyclable material!

Sotomayor wrote their program resulted in “students wanting to understand the material and learn more. We quickly discovered the importance of allowing students to use technology to build upon their own interests, rather than strictly limiting its use. Providing students with the opportunity to explore and show us the ways STEM concepts connect to their lives creates more meaningful learning experiences.” NAESP Article

They also integrate teacher-led with online learning and access to learning in English and Spanish. I wonder what the implications would be at the elementary level…


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