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Silence doesn’t always equate to OK!

I have found that not all mainstream teachers really understand ESL students and that there is always more to what I do. I don’t just talk to them in Spanish or Chinese (I wish). We work on 4 domains  – listening, reading, writing, and speaking, along with a relationship. ESL students are often more apt to tell me what their concerns are before their classroom teacher. This quick read below is a MUST read for any teacher working with ESL students!

What Quiet ESL students ARE NOT telling you!!


Overall, this is kind of how I’m feeling — in all directions!! I LOVE my job and what I do. Sometimes the hardest thing with change is getting to know new ADULTS!! For the most part, everyone in my new district is welcoming and quite flexible… mostly. There are a few that stress me and cause me to wish for a suit of armor. I know it is only October 1st and things will continue to grow and the kids will only shine brighter. It’s sometimes the pushing forward and pulling my own self up that can be hard!!

How many ESL teachers (or any itinerant teacher, SpEd) can relate to this cute image??!!

teacher (1)


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