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In love with …

…the idea of creating and using Infographics in the classroom and TOTALLY for ESL. I am sure you have seen one and it has been appealing to your brain, your amount of time devoted to understanding it, and your ability to quickly tell what it is all about.  Say goodbye to the PowerPoint slides and droning on and on!! Work up an infographic, or have a student do the first one to just see what the response is.

Click on the infographic for a closer look!
Click on the infographic for a closer look!

For me, it’s like an awakening!! An ah-ha moment at a time when I completely needed it. This Wednesday has meant working with a challenging student on the same behaviors and little language learning and then a different student downing a Mountain Dew for snack time (in SECOND grade).

Enjoy and just think — students are NOT where they were a month ago and in about a month we have a little break!

Here’s where the Infographic idea got started from Infographics for ELT:

And referenced at the end, a MUST watch! TED Talks: The Beauty of Data Visualization


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