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“Every student knows how to take notes!” FALSE!

Admittedly, secondary is not my favorite. I will be positive and add yet to that statement. My students are great; I guess it’s the newness. I do not dislike being at the middle or high school. I just feel much more at ease in the elementary schools!

Now with that out there – I fully expected students to have been given notes, received a study guide or gotten some form of knowledge frozen on paper from the teacher. {BZZZZZ! Wrong} 

Upon further discussion with one of my juniors I was enlightened to the fact that high-school students are independent. The teacher lectures and the students record what is said. OK, great, I say. Let’s look at your notes. <– That was funny to my student. She stated she doesn’t know HOW to take notes. LIGHT BULB! Why would you unless someone taught you? And being ESL, no one likely spent time on this because there were other goals.

And I thought main idea was a challenge to teach 3rd graders…whew! Here are some “goodies” I found to get me started: (If you don’t follow Larry, you’re missing out!)NotetakingSkills.jpg           14497639282_c0667446a5_z.jpg



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