For Teachers (GenEd)


Repeat after me, “All will be just fine! I am still a fantastic teacher. I just need a tune up of strategies to help me!”

Ok, now repeat that and have faith. All will be well and if you are from NKCPS, email or call me or Roni. A Collaborative approach is a step ahead and in the right direction. 

This page will host some strategies and general information for having ESL students. Above all else, treat them no differently and show interest in THEMe!

This chart shows an example of what students CAN DO once they have an ESL level. More can be found here.


Background people illustration by Mark Stamaty.

Keep in mind that these children in your classroom are learning a language while also learning content. From WIDA, The Principles of Language Development acknowledge the diverse linguistic resources our students draw from and the unique pathways they follow throughout the process of learning English.


And check here for some quick ideas: Teacher Tools


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