QUIA – I had a group subscription that I am working on renewing… so bear with any outdated features. Content is targeted for third grade mostly.
Running Record APP – SO amazing!! This app records students, too, while you compete a running record and they love listening to themselves read. I used it this year with my ESL students who were struggling with their fluency. Out of 4, they all improved and passed their phonological assessment in the Spring! The calculator for iOS devices gives a speedy & convienent way to keep track of reading data in this RtI age.  After the recording finishes you can enter the word count from the passage to calculate words per minute. You can also EMAIL the data 🙂
PDF to GoogleDocs Just possibly the most useful tidbit of today: I can turn a PDF into a Google Doc. Oh.My.Chromebook! It will be busy during “free” time working on this. Now, I really want access to a Promethean in my building!!



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