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Challenge the legislators

Facebook can be spammy and full of framing games and Candy Crush Saga. But then there’s the cute family pictures and fun quizzes. I often stay connected to family far away and even friends who have gone abroad. Today I saw this petition. image

Wow! How cool would it be for a legislator to take a week and become a teacher? Now, I’m partial having an elementary background, but I say start there and teach all subjects with 22+ students (no aide). To make it even more eye-opening, let’s make sure it is an at-risk school. When I signed, the petition needed 65 more signatures. That’s amazing, but the real test will be if anyone in DC actually follows through.

I am proud to pass on this challenge on behalf of all educators and highly suggest every legislator that receive it actually take it seriously!


Wife, Mom of 3, Educator & VATESOL Board member who 💕's all things ESL & tech. 😁

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