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Diversity ≠ Inclusion —from TESOL Blog



Of course ALL things ESL/ESOL (insert acronym here) are my passion. Which combined with my oftentimes inability to say no led to board member status within Virginia’s affiliate of TESOL in 2015. I think this was one of the *best* decisions I have made. The networking alone have been a Godsend along with meeting Dr. Ayanna Cooper. She coopergraciously agreed to be VATESOL’s keynote speaker at our 2017 conference and was beyond inspiring! To that end I share her recent post focused on “helping students reach their full potential by engaging them in authentic, antiracist, inclusive school communities.” 

Often, school communities and workplaces pride themselves for being diverse. I don’t doubt that such pride is valid. We are diverse in many ways. However, lately, diversity has become equated with inclusion—and this is concerning. Diversity does not mean or assure inclusivity. Black History Month, celebrated in February, is an annual remembrance of how the…

via Diversity ≠ Inclusion: Avoiding Segregative Practices With ELs — TESOL Blog


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